Tutest is an all assessment solution covering the whole gamut of assessment e.g. summative, formative and skill assessment and also including CCE report card software and question bank software for CBSE, ICSE and other schools and colleges. At it's core lies the philosophy of creating and using smart and ready-to-use assessment resources e.g. questions, activities and tests having different question types, levels of difficulty and criteria for most efficient and effective conduct and administration of the process of assessment such that faculties have to spend least time on assessment and most of their time is available for focusing on improvement of academic performance and development of students and over all school.

It's multi-layered analytics identify the learning and performance gaps of various stakeholders at designated levels and highlight remedial measures for progressive and upward improvement of performance

It also integrates with an information share, exchange, communication and parents teacher collaboration tool having assessment relevance and general school management.


Question bank management - Ready question templates to create, edit ,review and manage questions of different levels of difficulty.

Activity bank management - Ready activity templates to create, edit and manage activities using of different assessment techniques and levels of difficulty.

Online-offline tests and exams - Plan, create,edit, configure,publish,conduct and evaluate tests to assess performance online or offline.

Internal-External assessment Create and conduct tests for internal assessment as well exams for external assessments in a real-exam like manner.

Anecdotal records - Capture situational, eventual , circumstantial and bahavioural observations of students for different skill sets and parameters and use them for assessment.

Skill assessment - Create skills, sub-skills and parameters for skill assessment and use ready skill templates for skill based activities and evaluate and assess skills online using different assessment techniques.

Collaboration & assignments - manage parent-teacher interactions and student- assignments progressively online.

Knowledge share - Capture, store ,share and manage content(learning and assessment documents, videos, images, pictures etc) and important information inline.

Administrative ease - Function based dashboards for students, teachers, principals and administrators for single point status, operation and analytics.

Analytics - Detailed learning and performance analytics for students, teachers and school management progressively for instant information and decision making.

Cloud based

No investment in hardware

Hassel Free Maintaince

Focus on pure academics

Choose a plan that suits your school

6 Standard modules
Mail support
6 Standard modules
10 Pro modules

Mail support
Phone support
6 Standard modules
10 Pro modules
10 Premium modules

Mail support
Phone support
6 Standard modules
10 Pro modules
10 Premium modules 6 Platinum Modules

Mail support
Phone support

Standard (6 modules)

Student Management

Register, create and upload student information.

Batch Management

Create sections with students for each class :assign teachers to sections.

Teacher Management

Register, create and upload teacher information and assign them subjects.

Report Card & Analytics

Generate Report Card as per the curriculum and other analytics too.

Grades & Levels

Create and manage various levels of difficulty and grades for different classes of a curriculum.

Marks upload

Compile and upload testmarks of students for performance analytics.

Pro (10 modules)

Plan Test

Plan a test scheme for a curriculum, class and subject for a specific duration, marks and various levels of difficulty which can be followed by teachers across the school or college or allow teachers to plan themselves for their subjects.

Auto Test

Auto generate a test in a minute as per Plan Test data or with own criteria choosing from question bank

Configure Test

Print any tests created anytime. Also, configure a test suiting the format of a curriculum and use it readily for an offline test or publish it online for assessment of students.

Create Test

Create a test selecting ready questions from Tutest’s question bank or school’s own question bank for quick lesson practice or assessment

Edit Test

Edit any test already created quickly before publishing to create another test or use an old test again with suitable modification saving on time and having the same high level of test quality

Online Test

Publish any created test for online exam and assessment of students and manage it online

Direct Test

Create a test directly using own questions or selecting from the question bank or using both

Manage Test

Manage publishing of tests already created for offline or online assessment. Complete partial or pending tests. Monitor and supervise assessment status of all students of a section or class for complete assessment process

Tutest Question Bank*

Use Tutest’s vast and rich question bank for instant quality assessment saving on time and maximising on quality*

School Question bank

Create your own question bank and use it freely. Or use it along with Tutest’s question bank to create tests of your own choice and need.

*Available in Science and Maths for CBSE and ICSE Class 6 to 10

Premium (10 modules)

Skill Templates

Create and manage your own set of skills,subskills and descriptors or parameters for each subskill to be assessed

Activity Template

Create activities of different types and purposes with various question formats.

Skill Observations

Capture behavioural and experiential observations of teachers and students on different skills, subskills and parameters or descriptors as per the scheme of evaluation during various activities for use in assessment

Formative Test Scholastic

Create formative test on each planned learning objective and outcome and assess the performance as per the scheme of the curriculum

Manage Activity

Share, select,edit, modify or repurpose an existing activity for onward use.

Anecdotal Records

Capture observations on each skill,subskill and descriptor or parameter for each subskill and use those observations for assessing the skills as per laid out scheme

Formative test Co-scholastic

Create a formative test on each descriptor, subskill of a skill linked with a subject matter and conduct, monitor and evaluate a skill based upon the performance results of a student

Online Activity

Publish a formative test online if it’s based on objective type questions and assess students’ performance online

Skill Assessment

Perform a quick skill assessment based upon scholastic results and Co-scholastic observations on a student of various skilldescriptors and parameters captured overtime

Test Tracker

Monitor online the complete test status of various formative tests and skill tests at micro and macro level in school with seamless visibility of status at each and every level of assessment and evaluation

Platinum ( 6 modules )

Documents Management

Capture, store and share important documents having relevance to students learning and assessment and share with them online for progressive assimilation and also use for assessment

Content Management

Create, store and share learning content with students and parents


Create and publish messages to the whole section or to a particular student and manage them online.

Parents-Teacher Collaboration

Manage and share all parents teacher interactions for a student or section of school for a particular period

Portfolio Management

Capture, store and share important videos, drawings, images, pictures, having relevance to students learning and assessment and share with them online for progressive assimilation and also use for assessment


Create and publish assignments to the whole section or to a particular student and manage them online.