Smart class solution

Tuteach is a complete pedagogical solution for schools . It’s an advanced, student-centric and immersive learning program inte- grated with continuous assessment and evaluation of student performance for progressive learning and improvement. It upgrades a conventional classroom to a truely 21st century eLearning knowledge center harnessing the power of modern tech- nology and multimedia for maximum learning experience and performance.

Smart classroom

Tuteach is a smart class solution consisting of well instructionally designed animated, digital, multimedia content for smart boards as teaching aid for schools delivered through interactive boards and projectors with complete hardware and software support for highly effective teaching and student learning experience. It comes with an in-built classroom assessment and evaluation solution alongwith it.


1. Visual learning; animated multimedia lessons

2. Quick and immersive learning

3. Progressive improvement in core student learning

4. High overall school performance

5. Student assessment and evaluation 6. Report Cards


Our hardware solution consists of Interactive Smart board



UPS & Speakers

Teaching Software Tools


Tuteach has an integrated class room assessment solution to assess and evaluate students after each lesson and proressively. Assessment solution includes:

Assessment software

Question bank