Learning and assessment are two integral parts of education. They lie at the center of our pedagogical focus. Both need to be balanced in equal measure to impart good learning to students and prepare them well for excellent academic performance

Solutions for SCHOOLS

Learning and Assessement solution for CBSE & ICSE schools

Teaching aids for smart classes

  • Lesson Planning Tool
  • 2D and 3D Animated videos
  • Topic level tests
  • Fully mapped with curriculums
  • From class 6 to 10

Assessment solution

  • Question Bank
  • Test Bank
  • Online & Off-line tests
  • Learning gaps Analysis
  • Performance Reports
  • Report card

Solutions for STUDENTS

An offline self learning, practice and preparation course for CBSE & ICSE students

Multimedia Videos

  • Visual & concept based lerning
  • 2D and 3D Animated videos
  • Fully mapped with curriculums
  • Fosters longer retentation

Practice and Exam preparation

Unit Test

For lesson practice

Model Test

For progressive tests and ongoing practice

Term Test

For exam preparation


Vedicventures creates and provides integrated educational products and solutions such as multimedia content, digital classrooms and complete assessment solutions for schools, teachers and students for highly effective pedagogical results. It focuses on continuous and progressive improvement of complete pedagogical process of lesson planning, teaching, students interaction, assessment ,evaluation and remediation of learning gaps for enhanced and lasting learning impact.